Osho’s Mahaparinirvan Day Celebrated
To celebrate Osho’s Mahaparinirvan, Osho Om Bodhisatva Commune, Dehradun organized a three-day ‘Osho Mahaparinirvan Celebration Meditation Camp’ from 18-20th January 2018 in which more than 45 friends from all over India participated.
All friends went into deep meditation overwhelmed by Osho's energy. The camp came to a close in an atmosphere of celebration.
The camp was conducted by Swami Shiv Bharti with love.

Osho Maitri-Bhav Meditation Camp held from 6-8th October
To celebrate Sharad Purnima, Osho Om Bodhisatva Commune, Dehradun organized a three-day ‘Osho Maitri-Bhav Meditation Camp’ from 6-8th October in which more than 50 friends from all over India as well as from other countries participated.
With the sannyas of two new friends, the camp came to a close in an atmosphere of celebration.
The camp was conducted by Swami Chaitanya Keerti with great love.

Mahaparinirvan Day Celebrated
To celebrate the ‘Mahaparinirvan Day’, Osho Om Bodhisatva Commune, Dehradun organized a one-day ‘OshoMeditation Camp’on8th September in which friends from all over India as well as from other countries participated.
In the Evening Satsang, Osho shared the deep experience of His father’s Enlightenment, which inspired every one present to strive for this ultimate experience of knowing thyself. The camp came to a close in an atmosphere of song and dance.
The camp was conducted by Ma Divyagandha with great love.

Osho camp titled "Mrityorma Amritam Gamay" conducted by Ma Dharam Jyoti
Osho Om Bodhisatva Commune, Dehradun organized a five-day ‘Mrityorma Amritam Gamayah’ Meditation Camp from 11-15 August in which more than 80 people participated. During these five days, all the discourses and meditation techniques were devoted to finding the source of the Eternal inside all of us which is beyond death.
The participants were also given a taste of Osho therapy groups such as Mystic Rose & Born Again.
The camp came to a close in an atmosphere of celebration with the sannyas of ten new friends.
The camp was conducted by Ma Dharm Jyoti with great love.

Swami Narendra Bodhisatva left this planet on Buddha Purnima 14th June 2014
Swami Narendra Bodhisatva left this planet earth to fly towards an unending journey on 14th May 2014, the Buddha Purnima day.
He was born on 30th October, 1940 at Gadarwara on Diwali, which also happened to be Mahavira’s Mahaparinirvan day. Osho initiated him on Buddha Purnima, 10th May 1971 at Ahmedabad Meditation Camp. Narendra was taking a walk with Osho and Ma Kranti (Osho’s caretaker at that time) about 10 pm, suddenly Osho said,” Kranti bring one mala for Narendra’s sannyas.” This is how it happened; the beginning of an inner journey.
Narendra was known to Osho since his childhood from Gadarwara. He joined Osho movement in early 60’s at Jabalpur where he studied at Sagar University. He then lectured at the PGBT College and became a career counsellor at Martand Higher Secondary School, Rewa.
In 1972, Narendra resigned from his job and joined Osho’s play, leading a kirtanmandli in Gujrat. He accompanied Osho to various meditation camps in India. Later he came to Bombay with Him. Then Poona, Rajneeshpuram, Poona two, He mainly worked on Hindi publication of Osho’s discourses with other friends. In Poona one Osho chose him to initiate Indian friends into sannyas as more and more friends started coming to the Commune.

In Poona two, he started conducting meditation camps at various cities in India. Later Osho gave him the responsibility to do the last rites of friends who left their body in the Commune. At the end, he performed the last rites of our beloved master Osho as Osho had wished.
Since last few years, his body had developed many complications. 19 years ago he went through heart surgery. After that his health was up and down…but when up he was really up.
Last year, he had neurological stroke which was serious. In August 2013, he was hospitalized for 6 days but cured completely. He was very much energetic doing all routine work and writing a book which is in press.
On 8th May 2014, he felt a bit uneasy. He was taken to the hospital in total consciousness. The congestion of cough and mucus in his chest and bubbles in his brain caused low blood pressure. He was in intensive care but the body was not responding. He was on ventilator for 24 hours. On 14th May 2014 on Buddha Purnima day-which was also his sannyas day- he left his body. On 15th May at 12.30 pm his body was brought to the Ashram. Singing and dancing of sannyasins & friends filled with tears of gratitude continued….at about 4.30 pm, about 200 sannyasins and friends went to the burning ghat to give their last farewell to our beloved Swamiji.
On 17th May, amidst a big celebration his flowers (remains) were brought to Osho Om Bodhisatva Commune, Dehradun where he lived and left his body. About 500 friends from all over the country and abroad joined the dance.
He was a dedicated and surrendered sannyasin contributing to Osho’s Work in a variety of ways such as publishing all His Hindi books, running the Dehradun commune and guiding many friends in meditation. Swami Satya Vedant, who enjoyed many beautiful evenings with Narendra’s infectious humour says that he was a totally surrendered sannyasin, fun loving and relaxed at all times just as his Master wanted him to be.
Swami Narendra’s dedication to spreading Osho's message far and wide has been very inspiring. He asked Osho many questions on a wide variety of topics, very relevant for seekers, meditators and the modern man. Swami Chaitanya Keerti who has known Narendra since 1974 and worked together in the Hindi Publications at Osho Commune says, “His contribution is significant, adorable and memorable.”
Ma Yog Neelam’s tribute to Swami Narendra was her admiration of his ability to take Osho’s work forward with great energy. He didn’t stop anywhere and went on with the work of exploration of meditation. In her words, Narendra was truly liberated by what his Master said.
Swami Narendra was very light hearted and kind. Dedicated to his Master, he would do everything for Him with his total energy. His attention was only on Osho says Swami Vairagya Amrit.
Swami Pankaj, a trustee of the Dehradun commune, feels immense gratitude for Narendra. He is dedicated and committed to ensuring that the Dehradun Ashram commune activities run as smoothly now as they were when Swami Narendra was in body.
Narendra was also running the ‘Research Institute for Meditation and Understanding’, the ‘School of Bodhisattvas’ and a museum containing a small collection of gifts that Osho had given to his disciples over the years.

He was simple, wise and a devotee. His lightness of heart and humour would relax everyone around him. Meditation and HIS work was his mantra. Swami Shiv Bharti, who has known Swami Narendra since 1980 and has also co-facilitated many meditation camps with him says,“He once mentioned during a camp that I will leave my body on Buddha Poornima and he did.”
I knew Narendra since 1967 through various Osho meditation camps around India. In January 1974, I and my sister Divyagandha were called by Osho to Woodlands Bombay, to take care of his food. At that time Narendra was also staying there. Since then we came close and had a good time-- love, relationship, friendliness according to Osho”s vision. Then we moved to Poona, Rajneeshpuram, Poona two (it’s a long story) we lived together for 40 years. I loved him so much.
Me and Narendra left Poona commune in October 1990 after our beloved master left His body and established Osho Om Bodhistva Commune at Dehradun where many Osho sannyasins and lovers started coming from all over the world to join the dance.
“One seed can make the whole earth green. One sannyasin can make whole earth orange. One Buddha can take whole humanity towards Buddhahood.”
In Narendra’s diary, I found this; he wrote:
Coming from nowhere
Departing for nowhere
A flashing glance…
Entering the Mystery…
Ma Amrit Mukti